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Bonshaw Artist Colleen Simmons

Colleen is a multi-media artist, working with acrylics, inks, vinyl, wood, canvas, glass, crystals and many more mediums. Her work is all done with love and instinct, which produces some beautiful pieces for your enjoyment.


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Girl, Portrait / 23 December 2017

Photographing Girls

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Colleen Simmons Artist

Colleen Simmons, is an artist, working with acrylics, inks, vinyl, wood, canvas, glass, crystals and many more mediums.

She has had a love of painting and drawing all her life, with colours being her main motivation for her paintings. She loves to see how the colours react with each other, the way they produce different effects and even different colours.

Colleen has had a love for all colours and their combinations and this is what motivates her, her works are also very intuitive. She lets the movement of the paints inspire her. She uses colour to help her get the painting that she wants.

Colleen then use other tools to manipulate the paint depending on how she is feeling at the time, so each and every artwork is unique and individual, even if they are in a series.

Colleen has just started to explore the world of watercolours, charcoal, oils and other mediums. Learning new skills to help improve her work and enjoyment of art.

Colleen has won awards for her artworks of which she is very proud.

Colleen loves what she does and hopes to be able to continue to do what she loves for the rest of her life.

Colleen hopes that her work will bring pleasure and joy to all those seeing it.